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Description of the bib file

file name:bib
description:Bibliography (refer format)
file size:111261 bytes

Sample of contents of bib
(Lines 81 to 100)

 %A Allebach, J.P.
 %A Liu, B.
 %D 1976
 %T Analysis of halftone dot profile and¬
aliasing in the discrete binary representation of¬
 %J Optical Society of America
 %V 67
 %N 9
 %K *

 %A Allen, B.P.
 %A Wright, J.M.
 %D 1983
 %T Integrating logic programs and schemata
 %J Proc 8th International Joint Conference on¬
Artificial Intelligence
 %P 340-342

 %A Allen, E.M.
 %D 1983
 %T YAPS: yet another production system
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