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Description of the news file

file name:news
description:USENET batch file
file size:377109 bytes

Sample of contents of news
(Lines 81 to 100)
 >(or .lbin file) on the fly.
 >This could result in 'instant' language¬
interpreter facilities and
 >fast compilers.
 >[I admit that this might be hairy to program¬
in MockLisp.]

 But it is one of the reasons Xerox structure¬
editor fans are fans.

 >[disclaimer: I've never used a 'structure¬

 No offense intended, but I could tell. If you¬
write any Lisp you should
 look for an opportunity to try SEdit on a¬

 -Rich Fritzson
 ARPA: fritzson@prc.unisys.com
 UUCP: {sdcrdcf,psuvax1,cbmvax}!burdvax!fritzson
 #! rnews 3135
Note: Lines displaying the ¬ symbol have been wrapped for clarity

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