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Description of the list file

file name:grammar.lsp
description:LISP source
file size:3721 bytes

Sample of contents of grammar.lsp
(Lines 81 to 100)
 (a stench is in 3 5)
 (a pit is nearby)
 (is the wumpus near)
 (Did you go to 3 8)
 (Yes -- Nothing is there)
 (Shoot -- Shoot left)
 (Kill the wumpus -- shoot up)))

 (defun ss (&optional (sentences *sentences*))
 "Run some test sentences, and count how many were¬
not parsed."
 #'(lambda (s)
 (format t "~2&>>> ~(~{~a ~}~)~%"¬
 (write (second (parse s)) :pretty t))

Note: Lines displaying the ¬ symbol have been wrapped for clarity

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