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Description of the man file

file name:xargs.1
description:GNU manual page
file size:4227 bytes

Sample of contents of xargs.1
(Lines 81 to 100)
 from the terminal. Only run the command line if¬
the response starts
 with `y' or `Y'. Implies \fI\-t\fR.
 .I "\-\-no-run-if-empty, \-r"
 If the standard input does not contain any¬
nonblanks, do not run the
 command. Normally, the command is run once even¬
if there is no input.
 .I "\-\-max-chars=max-chars, \-s max-chars"
 Use at most \fImax-chars\fR characters per¬
command line, including the
 command and initial arguments and the terminating¬
nulls at the ends of
 the argument strings. The default is as large as¬
possible, up to 20k
 .I "\-\-verbose, \-t"
 Print the command line on the standard error¬
output before executing
 .I "\-\-version"
 Print the version number of
 .B xargs
Note: Lines displaying the ¬ symbol have been wrapped for clarity

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