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Description of the world file

file name:world192.txt
description:The CIA world fact book
file size:2473400 bytes

Sample of contents of world192.txt
(Lines 38506 to 38525)
 :New Zealand Geography

 Total area:
 268,680 km2
 Land area:
 268,670 km2; includes Antipodes Islands, Auckland¬
Islands, Bounty Islands,
 Campbell Island, Chatham Islands, and Kermadec¬
 Comparative area:
 about the size of Colorado
 Land boundaries:
 15,134 km
 Maritime claims:
 Continental shelf:
 edge of continental margin or 200 nm
 Exclusive economic zone:
 200 nm
 Territorial sea:
 12 nm
Note: Lines displaying the ¬ symbol have been wrapped for clarity

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