( The Canterbury Corpus )
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Detailed Results for the Artificial Corpus

The detailed results are available in a number of different forms below. The three links marked "(*)" contain all the results between them; the other links give the data in a different order that may be more useful for your purposes.

Table of Compression Ratio Results

Table of Compression Speed Results

Table of Decompression Speed Results

Results for Each Method
bred-r3 bzip-1 bzip-6 bzip-9 bzip2-1 bzip2-6 bzip2-9 cat char compress dmc-16M dmc-50M dmc-5M gzip-b gzip-d gzip-f huffword2 lzrw1 ppmC-56 ppmC-896 ppmCnx-56 ppmCnx-896 ppmD3 ppmD5 ppmD7 srank-d szip szip-b yabba-d yabba512

Results for Each File
a aaa alphabet random

Raw Results
The raw results are available if further processing is required.

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